So glad to be here! by Paphatsorn Sawaengsuksant

Being in Satit Yoga TTC#2 class is a unique and remarkable chapter of my life. It introduces so many different experiences more than I could ever expect. Well, first of all, the classmates are super awesome. Forget about those crazy psycho bastards in the toxic workplace. All the classmates are energetic and beautiful ladies (plus very few but talented gentlemen) who are so FULLY FULLY FULL of positive energy driving away all the pressures accumulating through those stressful working weekdays completely. They are friendly people with a genuine good will to help you improve alongside with a whole class. Personally, I think this is one of the most essential fundamentals a good classroom should have: a positive, vibrant, and lively learning environment.

Instructors are professional, respectful, and caring. Not only the smallest details the yoga alignments (so many important details that it is over the moon to master just one single pose), they also teach many things you would need to be a good yoga instructor: principles of being a teacher, how to design the yoga flows, how to approach and adjust students’ alignments, different types of yoga, common and serious mistakes to avoid, how to adjust students’ poses safely, etc. Though it is a big class with 25 classmates, the instructors always pay so much attention to everyone that it sometimes feels like a private class. Every comments are constructive and well-customized to match to your fundamentals and health condition. And when it comes to adjust students’ alignment, it is quite impressive as somehow they kinda know how far each student can stretch his/her body. Additionally, although sometimes they appear to be extremely strict, you can always rest assure that you will be safe and sound under their professional adjustment.

Obviously, it would be overstated if I were to say, that I never once have a single negative emotion during the course. But the most important thing is learning how to handle those moments. It was kinda frustrating and lonely when everyone keeps making progress except you yourself. My body muscles were not adequately strong to perform certain advance poses (well, not yet!). Plus, I have a nostril problem so it is quite hard to catch a breath during extremely long flow of poses. Yet, thanks to my caring instructors’ advices, I learn to appreciate progresses made by other classmates as well as smallest improvement I myself make in every single pose. It is a smallest thing that one might usually oversee. But I learn that yoga is also about being kind to yourself as well as other persons. Appreciate every single small steps forward that you make. Seize the day.

Lastly, to whom who are yet to make decision whether to take class or not, here is my personal thought: I might not be one of the best students of the class, but being here is one of the best and fulfilling experiences I could ever hope for. Thank you, class of TTC#2. So glad to be here.

Paphatsorn  Sawaengsuksant